What makes a fine dining restaurant

Gourmet lovers and connoisseurs would describe their impeccable fine dining experience as “a feast of sense” where all your senses will be awaken by seductive aroma, jazzy music, luxurious interior setting and elegant ambience. With precise attention to detail, perfect execution, and exceptional service, every fine dining restaurant aims for a top-notch experience. In this article, we will unveil some typical elements that make a fine dining restaurant.

Attention to small details

Paying great attention to every small detail is the key to the success of a fine dining establishment. From the selection of tableware, stemware to the server uniform is to match with the aesthetic and the food style of the restaurant. Every tiny detail is meant to tie together. Nothing should be too loud, too bright, or too much.

What makes a fine dining restaurant

Exceptional service

A good fine dining server will be able to explain the entire menu flawlessly while keeping a gentle smile to the customer. They are attentive, professional even when handling an angry customer. They know exactly when the customer needs help and show up even before asked.

They also have a good knowledge of wine to make good recommendations.

Guest experience is paramount

When the customers walk in the fine dining restaurant, they are paying more than just food and wine. They would expect an impeccable dining service where they are indulged in unforgettable moments.

The hostess should know how to greet guests properly, show them to their table, and introduce their server. The table must always be clean and in perfect order. Each course should be served with appropriate silverware; each wine must go with right glass to deliver the ultimate dining experience.

What makes a fine dining restaurant

Advance reservation is required

Advance reservation allows the restaurant to be well-prepared before service time in term of staff strength, ingredient to ensure that the kitchen and front of house team are not overwhelmed throughout the service. Customers will be well taken care of and definitely get a memorable dining experience.

An extensive selection of wine and spirits are a major focus

A thoughtful wine list are deep with various vintage and price range, featuring from affordable wine by glass to expensive rare labels from the most respected winemaker in the world. A fine dining restaurant will always have on-hand Sommelier or well-trained bar staff to offer customer information about the wine and give ideal food and wine pairing suggestion.

Always come up with innovative culinary creation

The Head Chef of the fine dining restaurant has a great creativity to come up with innovative and unique food idea. They emphasis on fresh and fine ingredients and use modern technique to craft up a culinary masterpiece. The menu is fine-tuned seasonally to take advantage of fresh local ingredients.

What makes a fine dining restaurant

GU Bistronomy – A finest dining restaurant and wine bar in Hanoi:

GU Bistronomy is an ideal destination for all gourmet and wine lovers. Every small detail is in good hands of our Management team.

We go so far as to collaborate with the world leaders of craftmanship and meticulously select artistic crystal stemware to sophisticated bone porcelain, which are well blended with the aesthetic Indochine interior design. The menu is crafted with finest ingredients.

The wine list boasts more than 1000 labels from the most prestigious winemakers and Champagne house around the world. Our F&B attendants, hostess, stewards are well-trained and equipped with good knowledge of high-end food and wine.

Our award-winning Sommeliers are on- hand to recommend you ideal food and wine pairing. While dining at GU Bistronomy, you will be indulged in unforgettable moments and get to experience the art of life.

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