Guide to Beefsteak & wine pairing

Wine and steak pairing is one of the significances in the art of food & wine pairing.

There are many different cuts and ways to prepare a steak that pair well with their respective wine choice.

The more tailored your paring is to the cut of steak, the more sophisticated is your dining experience. GU Bistronomy is happy to guide you through this interesting beefsteak & wine pairing.


Sirloin steak is one of the most favorable steak cuts. It’s lean, tender with light marbling and tastes perfect on the grill. The lean texture needs a light choice of wine.

Try an aged Rioja Reserva made from Tempranillo or Syrah from Northern Rhône which is fruit-driven, fresh and complex. Sirloin usually goes in hand with sumptuous sauce and spices, pay attention to how the seasoning goes and choose wine accordingly.

Guide to Beefsteak & wine pairing

Ribeye & Bone-in:

This couple is one of the richest and tender cuts of steak. They are highly marbled, flavorful and turn out perfect under high temperature.

A choice of full-bodied, powerful of Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux or Amarone della Valpolicella would make a perfect match.

The full-bodied, powerful taste and high tannin can cut through the fat, balance the nutty, buttery flavor. The fruit-driven  note will elevate the flavor  of herbs, spices marinated on the steak. 

Guide to Beefsteak & wine pairing

Porterhouse & T- Bone:

These cuts benefit from the tenderness of the filet side and the firmness, intense flavor of the strip side.

Taste perfect when pan-seared with rosemary and butter or put on the dry heat grill. 

Due to their firmness and lean texture, they require aromatic and flavorful reds to complement the combination of filet and strip like Nebbiolo or Barolo from Northern Italy. 

Filet Mignon:

One of the best steak cuts which is incredibly lean but tender and flavorful at the same time. Just a little pinch of salt and pepper, butter and pan-seared is enough to impress any palate.

Pair with some Merlot or Merlot-based red blend from Bordeaux, its complementary fruit-driven flavor and silky texture assist in bringing out every best feature in this cut. 

Guide to Beefsteak & wine pairing

Flank & Skirt:

Flank steak and Skirt steak are quite different but they both have intense beefy flavor and contain tough muscles. Therefore, they kind of require the same cooking technique. They should be sliced thinly, cut against the grain, more seasoned to reduce the strong beefy taste and cooked to rare or medium rare for the most tender texture.

A full-bodied, red fruit-driven wine with silky and powerful tannin like Chianti Classico, Cabernet Franc based blend, Garnacha or Malbec is a perfect match for these tough guys.

Guide to Beefsteak & wine pairing


A properly cooked brisket may look like it has been burnt to a crisp but beneath that outer crust is a juice, tender and deliciously smoky meat that just makes you crave for more. A glass of Australian Shiraz or Petit Sirah from Napa Valley with integrated tannin, a hint of blueberry, blackberry notes just goes well with its meaty-rich texture and enhances the impressive smokiness. 

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