Tips to throw a year end party at restaurant

The year-end party is all about reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the new success in the upcoming year. For enterprises, this is also a chance to connect the Board of Directors with their staffs and show their gratitude to the great contribution of each individual.

Today, most companies choose to organize year-end functions at restaurants rather than at their office or workplace. This article includes our good suggestions to successfully throw a year-end party at a restaurant.

Choose a suitable spot:

First of all, decide your year-end function theme: Asian or Western style. Choose a suitable venue. You should opt for a restaurant where you know the staff and food, or you can get reviews from your friends who have been there.  

Proceed a proper site inspection:

Site inspection is very important when you decide to throw a party at a restaurant. Make a tour around the property to check whether they have a private space for your event, talk to the manager to see if there’s any restriction in terms of decoration, music performance… If you want to host an outdoor party, check carefully if there is any backup plan in case of bad weather.

Furthermore, check if they have a spacious parking lot, if the parking lot is quite far from the restaurant (>100m), keep your Board of Directors informed, you don’t want your important guests to walk a long way without any notice. If you have an event planner, don’t forget to take them for site inspection with you so they can come up with a suitable setup plan.

Plan the menu:

Discuss with the Restaurant Manager about the menu choice; ask them if they can create an exclusive menu just for your event which matches with your theme. Besides, check with the Manager if you could have several choices for each course or have to go with a fixed menu.  You can also order wine in advance.

Sparkling wine or Champagne with canape for Welcome drink. White wine for cold entrée, Red wine for main dish, dessert. You need one bottle of wine for every two people and make sure everyone gets to taste all kinds of wine served in the party.

Tips to throw a year end party at restaurant

Set the scene:

Ask the decoration team or event planner to get to the restaurant 1-2 hours before the event to proceed with the desired setup. The event host should arrive 30 minutes beforehand to check table setup, flower arrangement, decoration, speaker and light if any. The restaurant servers should be on standby to start Welcome Drink as some guests may arrive very early. 

Tips to throw a year end party at restaurant

Jazz up the party:

There should be some interesting activities during the dinner to jazz up the ambience. It could be a live music performance with professional singers, pianists, live band… or some mini games to connect all invitees.

If you dine at a fine dining restaurant, discuss with the Manager if you could have a customized wine dinner where their Sommelier shares some interesting stories of the wine, the art of food and wine pairing while tasting through the exclusive menu. 

Tips to throw a year end party at restaurant

GU Bistronomy – An ideal destination to host a year-end party:

GU Bistronomy is prized for our artistic interior setting, elegant ambience, impeccable service, top-notch cuisine and extensive wine list. We have all the best attributes to host a successful and memorable year-end party, especially for companies. We are delighted to offer a tailor-made function with customized menu, wine choice that aligns with your party concept.

Our Front of the House and Kitchen team are experienced to deliver a smooth service for big tables.

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