Pierre-Vincent Girardin was born into the 13th generation of a Burgundy winemaking family. The family tradition helped him develop a passion for wine from an early age. His father, Vincent Girardin, retained some precious vineyards when he sold Domaine Vincent Girardin in 2012. With 4.5 hectares from the Les Folatières area in Puligny-Montrachet, it became Pierre Girardin’s inspiration and the foundation of his initial success with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines bearing the Pierre Girardin label, beloved globally.

Using a unique production approach, he combines tradition with innovation by applying organic and biodynamic farming methods. Meticulous attention to detail, from using custom oak barrels to the unfiltered bottling process, has resulted in pure white wines and elegant, smooth red wines.

Join the PVG Wine Dinner to experience a creative 6-course menu from Michelin Chef Hervé, featuring PVG’s top-notch wine selection.
Date: 18:30 | 11/9/2023
For invitation only.

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