Join us in exploring the most beautiful vintages of the Champagne region through a collection of carefully selected Vintage Champagnes from the world’s most renowned wineries at our Vintage Champagne Dinner event. Our award-winning and passionate Sommelier – Ms. Nguyen Thanh Dung (Top 3 Best Sommelier Asia 2016 | Best Sommelier of Vietnam 2016), will take guests on a journey to discover the fascinating stories behind each vintage, the traditions of prestigious winemakers, and the precious heritage of the Champagne region. Alongside the curated wine selection is a creative and unique menu crafted by Michelin-starred Chef Hervé Rodriguez, promising a complete and unforgettable dining experience.

Vintage Champagne, the best of the best, is a pinnacle of the wine world that every Champagne enthusiast admires and eagerly seeks. Over a decade, only a few vintages are highly regarded and chosen to produce these valuable Vintage Champagnes. Each drop of this wine encapsulates the elegance of the finest grapes, the traditions and long-standing heritage of esteemed winemakers, and the essence of time as the wine ages for nearly a decade in ancient, solid chalk cellars.

Price: 3,600,000 VND++/person inclusive of 6-course set menu & wine pairing. Time: 6:30 PM | 13 July, 2023

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