What makes dry-aged beef special

Dry aged beef is one of the most sought-after delicacies in the world of fine cuisine. It’s costly but worthwhile. GU Bistronomy is delighted to reveal the secret that makes dry aging steak so special. Let’s check it out in this article.

What is dry-aged beef?

What makes dry-aged beef special

Dry-aging is one of the old craft traditions that has been rediscovered in the meat ripening technique. To start off the dry-aging process, the beef is hung dry on the bone and in the air for up to six weeks at temperatures just above the freezing point. In the first 96 hours, enzymes in the meat break out the tissue structures which cause toughness and chewiness and this natural chemical process makes the meat particularly tender. Meanwhile, the meat also loses an amount of moisture and the outer layers begin to dry out.

These form a protective shell to protect the meat inside and the moisture loss also brings out more intense flavor. This distinguishes dry-aged beef from other wet-ripened mass-produced products in the market. There are three main factors that play an important role in dry-aging technique: time, quality and dedication.

The beef takes time to develop the unforgettable dry aging aroma. It takes at least three weeks for the dry aged beef to mature. However, it can hang for up to eight weeks. The aromas develop further and the taste intensifies.

Best beefsteak for dry-aging:

As dry-aging requires a lot of time and effort, therefore, the result is always expected to be outstanding. However, this can only be achieved with high quality ingredients. Just as any other cooking technique, fresh ingredients are key. Dry-aging only works out with fresh beefsteak, preferably in large portions and on the bone. The beef should be highly-marbled, well-grown in a good environment, grain-fed or grass-fed and well-preserved. 

What makes dry-aged beef special

Dry aging demands time:

Dry aging takes time and a keen eye for quality and sophisticated technique to create a perfect dry-aging environment.  The whole process must be monitored and controlled carefully so that the meat reaches its highest quality. All this requires commitment and proper knowledge but above all time.

Dry-aged beef is kind of fine gourmet, not fast food.

What makes dry-aged beef special

Experience dry-aged beefsteak at GU Bistronomy:

At GU, we have what it takes to deliver an extraordinary dry-aged steak. Our talented Head Chef has wise knowledge about how the process works and sophisticated technique to bring out outstanding results. Beef ingredients are chosen from the most trustworthy suppliers to have constant quality.

Moreover, our steakhouse is equipped with the state-of-the-art Dry Agers which will optimize the dry-aging process and promise to bring you the most impressive steak experience that you could ever ask for. Not forget to mention our extensive wine list to pair with your dry-aged steak and elevate your fine dining experience. 


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