Tajima Wagyu is renowned as one of the four most prized cattle breeds from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Andrew Industries, a famed Wagyu producer in Australia, has meticulously selected the finest genes of this premium Tajima breed and crossbred them with Black Angus cattle to create the exquisite Tajima Wagyu brand in Australia.

These cattle undergo a nurturing cycle with strict standards, including a diet of fermented corn, cereals, and organic grass. The process includes “breaking down” the fatty tissue in the meat and using electronic chips to record the cattle’s movements. Additionally, regular DNA testing is conducted to ensure consistent meat quality.

Currently, the breeding facility employs 60 experts who provide special care for this breed in regions such as NSW, Victoria, and Southern Australia. The cool and mild climate is exceptionally conducive to producing high-quality Tajima Wagyu. Moreover, Tajima Wagyu strictly adheres to Japan’s Food Safety Program (JASS) to ensure not just the meat’s quality but also the safe and clean living conditions of the cattle. With these standards, in 2023, Tajima Wagyu was officially honored as the Champion Brand for the category of Open F1 Wagyu Steak in the Wagyu Branded Beef Competition 2023.


At GU, we select the finest cuts of Tajima Wagyu: tenderloin, striploin, and particularly the Tomahawk with its exceptionally rich and impressive flavor. The name Tomahawk is inspired by the shape of the Tomahawk axe, originating from the old French expression.

Tomahawk Tajima at GU is preserved in a Dry-aged cabinet under controlled temperature, humidity, and air circulation, enhancing the meat’s juiciness and flavor. Uniquely, the cut is sliced from the front end of the striploin and kept bone-in (bone-in ribeye steak). With its stunning appearance, along with the flavor and moisture retained in the rib bone when cooked at high temperatures, GU promises to deliver a succulent, tender, and irresistibly delicious rib steak that captivates everyone.

A typical Tomahawk steak is about 5 to 7.6 cm thick, with the rib bone length around 15-20 cm, and each piece weighs approximately 1.8 – 2kg. This dish is not only a decorative highlight for the dining space but also represents the elegance of the feast. Therefore, from birthday parties to memorable celebrations, Tajima Wagyu Tomahawk is the perfect suggestion for genuine “steak-aholics.”


For marbled cuts like the Tomahawk, a Cabernet Sauvignon with its soft tannins is an ideal pairing. Moreover, classic Bordeaux wines or young and vibrant Cabernet from Napa Valley or gentle Pinot Noir are also excellent choices. Particularly, GU wishes to introduce the esteemed gem of Pauillac – Château Pédesclaux Grand Cru Classé 1855. The wine boasts a smooth ruby color, exuding a deep, complex aroma with rich notes of blackberries, sweet orange peel, and characteristic spices from Petit verdot grapes. The wine’s profound, complex flavor, warm roasted hazelnut, and sweet caramel, freshly baked cookies, followed by an elegant, silky tannic sensation, provide a perfectly balanced experience.

Thus, for the most complete experience of Tajima Wagyu Tomahawk, GU Bistronomy is the ideal destination with its exceptional meat quality, refined customer service, and luxurious, upscale restaurant ambiance. The Tomahawk cut is a suitable choice for family gatherings of 4 – 6 people, creating an unforgettable dining experience for all guests.

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